Access Industry Forum (AIF)

The work of the Foundation is supported, encouraged and promoted by the Access Industry Forum (AIF), the forum committed to advancing safety and best practice in the work at height sector. 

Since 2004 the eleven member organisations of the Forum have collectively helped shape and influence best practice in an everyday activity that is still the single biggest cause of workplace deaths and one of the main causes of major injuries in the UK.

Experts in their respective specialisations, every not-for-profit member of the AIF is ‘standards driven’ and champions the Forum’s principal message: ‘Work safely and competently at height using appropriate equipment with personnel professionally trained to industry-recognised standards’. Learning on the job is no longer an option.

In addition to functioning as a knowledge and information resource, and establishing the position of the industry on matters of standards and regulation, the Forum:

  1.  Creates awareness and understanding of industry legislation, in particular the Work at Height Regulations;
  2. Promotes the link between training and competency in the workplace;
  3. Advocates the need for users of all types of access equipment to be professionally trained to recognised industry standards;
  4. Champions a system of accreditation whereby all users of access equipment produce formal and independent proof of formal training. 

There are often a number of alternatives to solving the same access problem, which is why the Forum is representative of a range of different access solutions.


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