Unsung Heroes

The Foundation is delighted to have secured the support of three key ambassadors who have all faced the aftermath and consequences of a fall from height and gone on to use that life-changing experience to become champions and advocates of height safety. 


Jason Anker MBE

has led the way in promoting safety and best practice. Jason was paralysed from the waist down following an avoidable accident when he fell from a ladder in 1993. 

Since then he has gone on to talk openly and powerfully about the physical and physiological effects of his experience and was awarded an MBE for his passionate commitment to trying to make sure what happened to him doesn’t happen to others. 

Paul Blanchard 

broke his back, fractured 18 ribs and suffered head injuries and a punctured lung following a fall from height. He was in an induced coma for three months and in hospital for six. 

Like all our ambassadors, he has since used that experience to positive effect and regularly shares his story to help keep people safe. For going ’above and beyond’ with his safety message he was awarded RoSPA’s Archangel Award in 2015. 

Dylan Skelhorn 

was working as a solid fuel heating engineer when the chimney he was working on collapsed and he fell 10 metres onto a brick wall sustaining severe multiple injuries. 

His story is a harsh reminder that these kinds of accidents continue to happen which is why he regularly addresses audiences at companies and organisations both large and small to drive home the importance of height safety.

Our Ambassadors do the talking:

The shared experience and positive approach of our ambassadors brings a personal dimension to the No Falls Foundation and what we aspire to achieve as part of an attitudinal shift. This is what our ambassadors have to say:

Jason Anker: “Before the charity was founded there was nowhere to go and no-one to talk to if you had been in an accident like mine. Being given a wheelchair or a holiday is no substitute for being able to talk through your feelings with someone.”

Paul Blanchard: “When I was told that I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, I was scared. The fear was of the consequences of the accident and not knowing what life was going to be like in the future. I had a lot of dark moments.”

“I’m very proud to be associated with the No Falls Foundation. It is putting knowledge and information out there which will aid accident prevention and push home the need to do things safely”. 

Dylan Skelhorn: “Research is part of prevention which is why it’s an essential element of the charity’s work. Working together we can create a safer workplace.”

To quote all our ambassadors: “It happened to us…don’t let it happen to you!” 

Share your story

If you, or any member of your family, have been affected by a fall from height, send us your story. The more we learn and know about falls from height – and their consequences – the more we can do to help stop them happening in the first place and to provide support if they do.


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