The importance of training

The need for proper training when working at height is often overlooked or ignored, even though the Work at Height Regulations clearly state that: “You must ensure that everyone involved in the work is competent (or, if being trained, is supervised by a competent person).” 


Competence in the workplace begins with thorough and consistent training that is not only proven and to recognised industry standards, but is intrinsic to a working career. The saying that ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is all too familiar, and, remarkably, there are still many who trained ‘on the job’ for their trade in their 20s and have never received any formal training since. 

Familiarity when carrying out a task at height breeds more than contempt – it can encourage a complacent, over-confident and potentially dangerous mentality, practiced by anyone who simply relies on ’learning on the job’.  

Don’t do it. Get properly trained and stay safe. After all, you shouldn’t decide if a ladder is the right piece of equipment for the job when you’re climbing up it! If in doubt, ask the Access Industry Forum for advice. Click here.

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